Primakov Readings 2023

«Postglobalization Horizons»

The 6th Youth Session of the international forum Primakov Readings

The Primakov Readings Youth Session is organised by the Primakov Center and Young Scholars Council of IMEMO under the aegis of the forum. The idea to create the Primakov Readings Youth Session emerged in 2017. The purpose of the event is to disseminate the intellectual heritage of the outstanding researcher and statesman Yevgeny Primakov and support young scholars of international relations. Every year the geography of the project expands and the number of participants increases, but the relevance and topical character of the questions raised by young scholars in their papers and reports remains unchanged.

The Youth Session of the Primakov Readings Forum 2023 will be held in Moscow on 24−29 November. The forum is titled ‘The Decline of Globalisation or Its New Stage?’. Based on the results of the applications process, we will determine a list of participants, who will have the opportunity to present a report at one of the panels of the Primakov Readings Youth Session, take part in workshops with leading specialists from IMEMO and other organisations, as well as participate in the Primakov Readings international forum. They will have the chance to meet prominent experts, government officials, and representatives of the business community.

You need to fill in the form to participate. The deadline for applications is 13 October 2023, 23:59 MSK

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