Primakov Readings 2018


Primakov Readings is an international forum of experts, diplomats and decision-makers dedicated to the memory of academician and statesman Yevgeny Primakov.

Our mission is to create in Russia a regularly operating international platform aimed to initiate public discussion on the most challenging issues of world economy, international politics and security with engagement of leading representatives of Russian and international think tanks, expert community, diplomats and officials from different spheres.

The concept of «Primakov Readings» has been supported by the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin, who took part at the conference in 2016.

The Organizing Committee of the Readings is chaired by Yuri Ushakov, Aide to the President of the Russian Federation.

The main topic of Primakov Readings in 2018 was "Hedging Risks of Unstable World Order". The forum participants focused on scenarios of transformation of the international relations system, prospects for the development of the new world order and its stabilization, as well as on the most important challenges and risks of regional and global security.

The Readings were attended by 65 prominent foreign experts from 22 countries and more than 600 representatives of the Russian scientific and expert community, public authorities, political and business circles, as well as by more than 200 media representatives. The Readings raised wide public resonance both in Russia and abroad: 38 interviews were conducted, with coverage of more than 30 million followers, and in the first week after the event, there were 1,706 reports about "Primakov Readings" in the mass media.

Opening of the International Summit “Primakov Readings” 2018

The first Session "New Bipolarity” – Myth or Reality?"

The second Session "Infrastructure Rivalry in the Indo-Pacific Region: on Land and at Sea"

The third Session "New ‘Great Game’ in the Middle East"

The fourth Session  "Exit Strategy for the Ukraine Crisis"

Speech of the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation, S.V. Lavrov

The fifth Session "Is there a Future for Arms Control?"

The sixth Session "Russia and the EU – Interdependence or Confrontation"

The seventh Session  "Society changing Tech: Its Expanses and Limits"

The Special Session


Primakov Readings 2018. Hedging Risks of Unstable World Order.
Collection of Materials of International Forum, 29–30.05.2018. – Moscow, IMEMO, 2018. – 128 p.


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